Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eastern Biotech launches Rapid Diagnostic kits for Bird flu, Malaria and Dengue fever in India

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences, UAE announces the launch of In-Vitro diagnostic kits for Avian Flu, Malaria, Dengue fever and many other rapid ‘self-test’ kits in India.
Currently the company is operating with clients in six major countries, with information of the rapid test kits being requested from another twelve including India, India being one of the biggest markets for these kits worldwide. With the start of the mosquito season in many tropical countries it has come to light that Dengue Fever is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the Middle East, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia.
Dengue Fever comes in four forms, the mildest being capable of incapacitating an individual for up to 6 months, the worst type results in massive hemorrhaging of the affected individual and almost certain death. The only treatment upon infection is fluid replacement therapy which must be started immediately. Standard laboratories take a minimum of 3 days to as long as 21 days to complete testing, with many laboratories not even being capable of handling and testing appropriate samples.
"Right now, most diagnosis of dengue fever is done as an academic exercise, approached after the sudden outbreak in India two years back. Our tests will enable rapid diagnosis of dengue fever to help people identify the disease sitting at home and at their own convenience." said Faruq M Badiuddin, Chairman and Managing Director, Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences.
Eastern Biotech offers a quick solution for this problem and many other kinds of infectious diseases in the form of rapid test kits. The kits are easy to use, highly accurate, easily disposable and very cost effective, the range of tests available are able to swiftly aid the diagnosis of HIV 1&2, Hepatitis B&C, Dengue Fever, Syphilis, Malaria and Cancers.
“In the last couple of months we have received several orders from the UK for our pregnancy test kits and are currently receiving orders from South Africa & India for various other tests on a near monthly basis” states Junaid Faruq, marketing director of Eastern Biotech
Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences is established in Dubiotech, Dubai

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Home Testing Kits for Predictive Genetic Test in Middle East

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences became one of the corporate client entities of DuBiotech in November 2005. Its vision is to promote the health of the people of the United Arab Emirates and the region through the introduction of biotechnological products and systems, and through research into the diseases relevant to this region, especially genetic disorders. Eastern Biotech is providing these home testing kits through Genova Diagnostics, USA. According to Pankaj Sohaney, Manager-Marketing and Business Development, these kits are going to help people for their satisfaction and keep themselves aware of any abnormalities about to happen and can be cured on time. These kits are really important for people of Middle East where life style is changing very fast.

The Human Genome Project has made one of the biggest contributions to the medical diagnosis by revealing an individual’s potential susceptibility to specific diseases and analyzing one’s risk to various diseased conditions. The prediction of various diseases is a quite common thing practiced among the people in Europe and USA. Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences introduces, for the first time in the Middle East, the similar highly accurate gene-based “traffic report” called GENOVATIONS which can clearly pinpoint health risks which previously would have been hidden out-of-sight “over the horizon”. With this new information, you and your physician can chart an alternate route, a smart health “detour”, so you can avoid the health conditions you could to encounter otherwise.

Genetic profiling which uncovers potential genetic susceptibility to various diseases like Gastrointestinal, Immunology, Nutritional, Endocrinology and Metabolic assessments. This highly accurate genetic diagnostic testing called Genovations™ can clearly pin-point health risks which previously would have been lurking out-of-sight. This can also be termed as "Advanced Risk Reporting" so that we can travel down life's road more relaxed, and more confident of better health.

None of us are perfect and neither are our genes. Within your genetic makeup, there are slight “variations” called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (commonly called SNP s, pronounced “snips”). Although they don’t cause disease, SNPs are associated with almost every human disease. The “expression” of one’s genes into an actual disease isn’t inevitable, as many people think. The genomic variations make a person particularly susceptible to a specific type of disease when exposed to certain, often modifiable factors, such as your environment, diet and lifestyle. It isn’t the “fate” of any of your genes (even your SNPs) to express themselves as a disease. It is a combination of both your genes and modifiable environment which are responsible for various diseases which we encounter during our life time. And that’s where Genovations comes to help us. By taking a simple test, it can inform you and your physician of the specific SNPs you have, making it possible to plan a way “around” your potential risk. Since it takes your genes and their “environment” to trigger most disease, you can easily take your personalized “alternate route” to avoid the risks, and enjoy a healthier journey in life.

When conditions “run in families” they often have a genetic component. This test can show what specific genomic factors might pose a potential problem for You. If you learn you have a modifiable genetic variation, Your Family Members can also be tested to see whether they have it. The sooner it’s known, the sooner you and/or they can begin changing course toward a healthier future.

To see if you should be tested for any or all of the health problems, simply call us at +971 4 3692061 or email us at or visit our website to know more about the tests.

DNA Ancestry for Arab People

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences is proud to announce its association with Family Tree DNA to allow the Middle eastern population to be tested for genealogical and ancestral purposes.Family Tree DNA is the world leader and pioneer in the growing field of Genetic Genealogy. Having the largest databases in this area, with over 150,000 records, Family Tree DNA has been constantly developing the science that enables many genealogists around the world to advance their families research.This association will add a new dimension and important level of diversity to the data being collected from the growing numbers of individuals that are seeking to know more about their origins and family relationships.Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences started the journey with its incorporation as a corporate entity under Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech), since 2005 and commenced its commercial operations on April,2006. They provide world-class health care services to a global customer base, combining continual innovation with over 50 years' experience. Its vision is to promote the health of the people of the United Arab Emiratesand the region through the introduction of biotechnological products and systems, and through research into the diseases relevant to this region, especially Genetic Disorders, Obesity, Diabetes and Heart diseases. EasternBiotech & Life Sciences has put in place a vast distribution network covering the length and breadth of the Middle East.